Expedition and Experience in Aldeia Paredão

Group formation with up to 13 expeditionaries + the support group

During the nine-day period you participate in an expedition in the village of Paredão-Ethnicity Shanenawa and Mukaya and Txanaya villages in the region of Feijó and Rio Envira in the state of Acre. Through all prior planning about the needs of the people we will visit, the activities carried out by the expeditionary may involve:

  • Day-to-day experience in an indigenous village, staying in cabins, feeding on local products, collaborating in the preparation.
  • Planting of native trees, medicinal plants from the seeds of the villages visited.
  • Experience in indigenous rituals, their music and dance religious cults.
  • Donation of teaching material to the local school of children learning the indigenous language and the white man.
  • Donation of material for the production of indigenous jewelry.
  • Donation of a hive of wild bees, or in case of better suitability or preference of the cacique/village leader, instead, one thousand roe of native fish for stocking and breeding in dams.

All the needs we meet will come from the demand of the local people. For example, there is a time of the year, full of rivers, which can not be fished because it is a breeding season for fish and this interferes with the balance. At this stage of the year, the Indians are left without the possibility of feeding on fish. Then, the donation of native eggs happens in the sense of creating an alternative of fishing in natural dams, scattered by the indigenous areas.

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