When everything started


In order to preserve, defend and strengthen the People of the Forest, I seek to develop local projects as the best sustainable strategy for the future of the region.

I firmly believe that the traditional populations of the Amazon are the true guardians of the forest. Indigenous peoples in particular are the first known inhabitants of the Amazon. They hold the ancestral knowledge of the forest and a whole technology of interactivity with the environment without destroying it.

Today, more than 210,000 Indians live in the Amazon Rainforest, 405 areas representing 20.5% of the Amazonian territory and 98.5% of all indigenous lands in Brazil. More than 10 million people live in rural areas in the Amazon, with 30,000 extractive communities.


Most of the extractive and indigenous communities already colonized are living in precarious social conditions. They need a public health care, medicines, basic sanitation, and education and also job opportunities. Nowadays they live with strong threats of Nature’s enemies.

Our action is fundamental to contain the advance of the agricultural; cattle breeding and mining frontier, all classified as predatory actions of the man in the forest. I believe I have the mission to help build a network and an implementer of a collective effort for the Forest People.

I feel honored by the Divine Forces for this! Join this cause, it is for love of life and future generations, we need to defend the Amazon Forest.