Shanenawa People’s Cultural Festival Expedition

JULY 2019

 Group formation with up to 10 expeditionaries + the support group

Aldeia Paredão, with indigenous population of ethnic Shanenawa has in its totality 85 people, being 25 adults; 38 young from 13 to 18 years old and 28 children from 0 to 12 years old. Located one hour from the city of support, Feijó / in the State of Acre. Feijó is distant 368 km from the capital Rio Branco / State of Acre.

A cultura festival:  The Shanenawas annually celebrate with great joy and religiosity the good production of the agricultural products that they have harvested and harvested in their lands. Approximately 15 (fifteen) villages representing the ethnic groups of the Hunikuin of the Envira, the Kampa, the Shawãdawa and the Jaminawas participate. This year, the village opens space to host the group of the Povo da Floresta up to 10 (ten) people during the festivities and cultural experience.

July/21 – After arriving on July 21 in Rio Branco, the group will take a brief rest and continue the trip to Feijo after breakfast. This trip takes approximately six hours, by van transportation with overnight in Feijó.

July/22 – After purchases of equipments and donations, the group takes an indigenous boat to Aldeia Paredão. On arrival there will be reception of the people and after a short walk in the village starts by at night a ritual of healing opening the works with the visitors.

July/23 and 24 – Walks through the forest and sacred trails. Night of songs and storytelling.

July/25, 26 and 27 – Period of the cultural festival of agricultural production of the Shanenawa people. In thes days there will be interaction with the indigenous presents with typical dance like Xakury, food and music.  At night the pajelança opens religious work with the pajes.

July/28– Walk along the trail of medicine of the forest with a moment of prayer and healing in the sacred space of the Shanenawas, “The maloca”. Moment of experimentation and learning of the means of power the medicines. During the night we have tipical music and storytellings.

July/29 – Realization of tracks with concentration and spiritual work within the forest, The ritual work takes place on the farewell night of the group.

Departure from the Forest:

July/30 – In the morning the group returns, via river transportation, to Feijó where a van will wait for the group to take it back to Rio Branco airport.

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